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Guilty or not guilty game
Guilty. I've sometimes dined on 3 eggs, bacon, beans, potatoes and sausages stuffed with cheese. Wonderful ;-)

Have you ever wanted to run away and leave everything behind without a word to anyone?
Yea ...but only got as far as my mums house ..stayed the night then told angrily' to get back home to your family 'the next day Shy

Have you ever been forced to ride a really high scarey roller coaster...then have to do it again pretending not to be scared  to the person your trying to impress.
Hehe, Guilty. But I didn't pretend not to be scared. Granted I was about 11 at the time lol. And I actually hurt myself on that ride.
Screw impressions, if I'M terrified, you better be quaking in your boots! ;-)

Ever lied to your dad and instantly knew he had seen right through you?
Lie to desperate's not happening...God rest his soul

Have you ever got into a play fight with someone that turned vicious and nearly died Toungue  from a really asphixiating headlock....
Guilty. Though I'm not the one who nearly died afterwards.

Have you ever gotten into a silly argument with someone and wished you could take it back?

Ate a frozen pizza?
My work is never done.
Guilty. Not often though - I tend to make my own.

Have you ever eaten something that you really enjoy and rarely have, even though it will probably give you a stomach ache?
Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them - Eeyore

You are not responsible for other people’s actions. (SM) 

"The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." ~ (J) Bertrand Russell  

Yes. I had Chinese food almost every day for a week. It almost put me off having it ever again.

Have you ever wondered if a person is smiling for a good or bad reason?

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