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I did, did You?
Ouch, sorry to read that. I've had 2 in my whole life and they sure sting

I got soaked again today walking in the rain. Did you?
If you see someone without a smile today give them one of yours
We had a thunderstorm and I had to do a quick guttering unstoppage....but I wore a raincoat. And I'm afraid that I get about 2 doz. beestings between spring and autumn. Probably more.......

I bought a small antique desk today, gonna use it for an entry hall table, did you?
What we think we become.
was strimming one day and hit a wasp nest-got stung all over, about 15 stings. Multiple stings could be better as you cant concentrate on the pain of one without being diverted by another....hee hee barking yes I know!

Cant say I did [buy a antique desk] today- im sure I would have remembered....

Today I bought 4 jars of alta rica coffee as it was on offer- did you
I did not.

I watched football today - the proper one, not handegg - did you?

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