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May 31, 2022
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My name is Sebastian. I live in Poland. I am a nurse, a teacher, a sign language translator and a writer. I worked with deaf, blind, orphans and children. I love books, movies, game boards, rollerskating and running. I've got two beautiful daughters (5 and 11 years old). I am also a writer. My latest book is about the COVID pandemic. It’s called „The art of falling”. I wrote about my experience with COVID. And it is very, very personal. Well, let's just say it was a tough time. Recently I've ruptured my Achilles tendon (twice) which makes things even worse. But this may be an occasion to start another project and therefore I am here. Everything might be as well a great entry point.

I hope so.

So I’ve decided to write my second book (well, I wrote a couple more but they are waiting in a drawer). This time about solitude and loneliness. About isolation. About this special feeling when You are all alone, emotionally alone. Well, I suppose it’s not always bad. Sometimes we decide to be alone and being alone may be really beneficial. Sometimes it is decided. But it may be hard. With noone to share all good and bad things happen in life. Being alone is so common these days. To feel resigned. And yet we don’t talk about it very often. Aspecially now, when we are all told to surround ourselves with people who are positive and energetic. Having ups and downs is a case of weakness. How crazy is that? But loneliness is in my opinion very common. It may happen to anyone. Having followers or e-friends is not the same thing as having some real emotional bond with someone nearby.

Would someone here be eager to participate in this project and answer me a couple of questions written below? I would like to know how You perceive the loneliness. This book is meant to be truthful. I do not expect anything. But all Your answers are surely valuable. Being lonely may be a good reason to express Yourself. Who knows, we all have a story to tell. Yours may be the most interesting of all.

A couple of questions below. Some of them may sound silly. But excluding the loneliness, this book is a story about time travels. Would it be nice to change our past or to design future? If so, how?

When did You experience loneliness for the first time?

Why are You lonely? Has something caused this?

Is it possible to get used to it?

How loneliness affects Your life?

Is there a time when You feel loneliness the most?

Do You often pretend to be happy when You are really not?

If You could change Your past, what would You change?

If You could design Your future, what would You want?

What is Your best childhood memory?

What is the most important thing in life?

How would You describe loneliness in terms of a material thing?

What do You find helpful when feeling lonely?

And that’s it. Of course I am open minded. If You would like to share with anything else, just tell me. I know it’s not easy. And it takes time to answer me back. But it may be a good opportunity to save Your feelings. I think that everyone has its own story to tell.

I would like to share with You the results of my work. So if You write me back, I will certainly answer You back with all my gratitude. Let me know, what do You think about it. It may be a very important part of the book. I will also discuss with other people, such as artists, memebrs of associations, prisoners, travelers, disabled, mentally ill and all those who experience loneliness or isolation. This book is not meant to be sad and depressing. It is meant to be true.

Thank You for Your time.

You can e-mail me via [email protected] or Facebook ( my nickname is Sebastian Pingwin - just send me an invitation / private message and I will certainly answer You back).

Best wishes,
Sebastian Kuklo, Białystok, Poland


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As it happens, I have a website all about the design of my preferred future: FoolQuest.com

As to the causes of my loneliness, the most blatant remains bullying.
Actually I am in a process right now. I am about to make over 14 interviews and it's only a beginning. I want to have a wide perspective therefore I try to reach people here and there. Most of them are willing to participate which results in a long interview. Of course I understand that my post may look weird. Nevertheless I keep on trying. My first book will be released soon so I don't feel like it's a pre-incubator thing. It's more than just an idea. Anyone who would like to share his/her story is welcome here.

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