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Isaac B.

Nov 27, 2022
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Las Vegas
Recovering from anxiety, depression, & drug addiction is not an overnight thing. You literally have to see it as a VERY long term project. For majority of us sufferers who do self-therapy methods, or see therapist can take months or years to be cured from anxiety. These long dry months/years where most of us quit trying to get better because subconsciously we think results should come fast. I used to believe this too but from my experience and others people it takes months/years to get better. It takes long pratice and work like developing on a skill, business, or sport. The rewards are beyond words.

There were times in my life after many years, made massive breakthroughs and lived my dreams of freedom. But setbacks happen to everyone including me. If one bus breakdowns, another one arrives. Every month i improve a little bit. It's law of phsycics & mathmatics the more you do, the more you improve. If you're still working or practing on your anxiety and havn't quit write down your improvement every month you will see greatness coming in your future. Always hustle ;-)
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Good job! I gave up and retreated unfortunately. But, I did try for years. I figured I could push past my anxieties and after awhile they would no longer exist. Instead I just stressed the honeysuckle out of myself. But, I guess it depends what they are and how severe they are. I was very aware of my issues and noticed others suffering from the same thing. They too appeared to just be pushing through and hoping for the best. But, I never saw them get any better either. But, I , and probably others just try to ignore / hide them instead of celebrating minor successes. I don't know. But, I'm mostly in my own little world now so they don't really bother me any more.
Therapy is too expensive. Therefore I retreat into myself. Congratulations to those who do get better.

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