Any musicians here ?

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Aug 7, 2021
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Being a musician is a little big word to call myself, but Im more than just a regular music listener. I play guitar, I dont play covers, never. Been playing since years, but since the last years havent been so involve in playing. I listen lot of music, not just to enjoy it, mostly to underdtand it, and then apply it to my own playing. Rock isnt the main music I listen, I like a couple of old bands and songs (Metallica, etc), but its nothing similar to the music I play or want to listen. I really like playing nylon string guitar, I listen classical music, bossa nova, flamenco (Ive listen lot of Paco de Lucia) country, jazz (this last years I played a lot of jazz -I mean, like more than 100 artists and albums-, I like it, but theres many things I dont like about it, but still follow some jazzers and take a time to listen to them), I like Elton John's Benny and The Jets, Yellow brick road, etc...and music its only known in my country (Argentina) that most musicians from USA or UK wouldnt know. I dont like rock bands like Toto, Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Red Hot CP. Dont like instrumental guitar players like Al Di Meola, or those shreddy guys.

Any musicians here ?
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