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It really is terrible when people do that, just leading you on when they don't actually care about you at all in a romantic way and even online it seems they don't even want to tell you. Being told fairly early on prevents a lot of pain/heartbreak but i honestly think the rejection and stringing us along damages our emotions which isn't good. Feeling things is good, but when you've been hurt constantly or used you are bound to change emotionally due to it happening so much. The things you describe happened to me on countless apps/websites online and they could tell i was interested, then they'd drop the bomb of "i have a boyfriend. You are a great friend" so it's mega tedious.

It's actually very hard to find people like us, because it seems a lot of people in the world do not want to hear bad things can happen like heartbreak, being used etc and they'll dish out moronic advice while being annoyed you feel bad for valid reasons. I've lived this for a very long time regarding rejection and my god it really makes my depression unbearable along with other things in my life so it's not fun at all. Drugs/therapy won't fix that kind of thing, they might help with depression but if you keep on being kicked while down what's the point of trying the pills/therapy? You'll just go back to square one, but i do therapy for other issues in my life and just to vent about love/romance just to get it out of my system really. It's a never ending cycle of pain, sadness, heartbreak and agony as you think you've found someone and it's just the same old story. I joined here in 2019 while loving someone i met in 2019, but when she went back to her home country it all blew up again so i was bedridden every day for weeks just sleeping and getting up just to eat. All the pain is draining on our whole body, it actually causes a lot of fatigue i've noticed.
Sounds like you're confusing friendly interactions with romance and getting burned due to different expectations. People like attention. Women in particular enjoy it. But this is the worst avenue for finding someone because of the time wasted building up a connection with someone who just wants a distraction (and maybe has this rolodex sized group of other people they can get that from). Basically, it's better to be upfront about intentions and deal with immediate rejection than waste weeks or months.
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First of, there is nothing to be ashamed of being single as such, its just a stupid norm that says that you have to have a relationship and start a family.

With that said if you feel forever lonely. Don't forget that you have unique trait's and is someone to be loved as you are, you haven't found someone yet. I know that this might sound daunting but the first step in my opinion is to be conformably with who you are, and don't forget it's fine being lonely it's only a feeling, it's easy to say.

But don't give up, you are never as lonely as you think as my psychiatrist has said to me repeatedly.

If it's a consolation to you is that i too struggle with loneliness, you are not alone in this even if it overcomes one in RL...

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