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Your friend sounds like she could actually do with a bit of help.
My friend could get a job! But she prefers not to. She could cut down on her holidays - she goes away six times a year. If she stopped spending a lot on holidays it would help her a lot. She prefers to have an easy life and have lots of fun to money, that is her choice. I am obviously not that obsessed with money when I only work part time now and have done for years, I had many years of working morning, noon and night seven days a week and prefer time to money now. if I wanted a lot more coming in I would work full time or longer - not expect someone else to pay for my holidays etc.
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I have never heard of anyone who being pestered to this degree because they're a business owner. It reminds me of a certain Harry Enfield skit from the '90s with the catchphrase "..considerably richer than you!"
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I work on the principle of getting and making sure I have money and love, then the rest is all fine. When I had to move away from my family it was only hard work and making money that made that possible. Moaning, feeling sorry for myself, or sitting around doing nothing all day wasnt the answer. Be happy.

I'm not driven by money or love anymore. But I've learned to be content without those things as drives. Thus the benefit of mostly having weightless thoughts. :) I'm a tinkerer and a creative introvert by nature, so all I really did was just lean more into my natural strengths to shape my life accordingly. Detachment was a practice I began originally for defensive purposes, but it's actually become quite useful in practical applications of objective organization. Oddly, my subjective self is mostly focused on my objective self, and my objective self is satisfied with the experiences its had emotionally, financially and physically in its past. 😂
Oh. I forgot to point out that sollicitating is against forum rules. Pming a mod with the names of said members with copies of the emails would render this entire thread obselete. I personally move it to be closed as unhelpful.
Who CHOOSES not to. You're British, I'm French. At least learn to spell. Alright, let's drop the pretenses of politeness. I think you're a stuck up, arrogant, condescending British female Carlin. You're abrasive, irk MANY people in a bad way then out of the depths of your arse, throw out that people are out to get you because they know you have money. Why do they know? You won't shut up about it. So my advice? SHUT UP. No one cares about your money, unless you MADE THEM.

Don't put words in my mouth. I said I was SKEPTICAL. I didn't say I know anything better than you. In fact, it's probably quite the opposite. But considering the amount of venom included in anything you post towards ANYONE who has the unmitigated GALL (Did I spell that right? Scusez pardon) to write something you don't agree with, I sure don't want to know.
What makes you think I HAVEN'T done the same? Why are you assuming than anyone who doesn't view life in the seemingly same extremely narrow, judgmental prism you seem to view it in is automatically to be pitied? Because that IS what you're insinuating right? That I'm to be pitied for the choices I made?

...I pity you. I'd never want to reach 65 and be so bitter.
In conclusion, get over yourself, lady. If you're here with the rest of peons, you're not that happy either. Instead of crapping on everyone that tries to criticize you, even those out of good faith, maybe if you actually LISTENED, it would help.

Except me. I'd appreciate, and I know it's coming, to be put on your ignored list. I got 10 bucks riding on it 😈
i wish i can like this post 10 times! (y)

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