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the first time u crawl into bed after changing the sheets, when their all clean and unslept in and still smell like the fabric conditioner, bliss
A nice warm bath can do the trick~
Waking up just as the sun is rising on a weekend~
Throwing an all-nighter when it is snowing can be amazing. Just looking out of my window every now and then~
Being complimented by a nice Girl. Very very very rarely happens but it has happened like twice lol~
Games can be extremely fun at times~
Hanging out with friends~
The simple things: I am grateful to God for another day, with a roof over my head, food, a shower, and an opportunity to try to better myself.
Lying on my bed with iPad balanced on my chest reading feel good threads :D.

Ride home from the gym after a good workout.
Waking up well rested and realizing there's still 2 hours befor I gotta get up.
Crossing something off my list of requests at work.
Look on someone's face when I make them laugh hysterically!
Pancakes (obviously :D) with dark amber maple syrup
The saying "he/she is cooler than the other side of the pillow"
The other side of the pillow :)
When people post on this thread
The way I feel after reading this thread all of the way through (I know I already said that one, but it's making me smile right now)

Oh! Minus's avatar!
nerdygirl said:
When my dog wags his tail

^This and also when she gives me a hug.

  • Sending a text/email to my sister about some totally random observation and knowing she will totally 'get it' like no one else would.
  • Watching a news story about a soldier that came home unexpectedly and surprised his/her child or a story about a previously abused or abandoned animal finding a new forever home.
  • Seeing my niece trying to do her hair like mine or walk like me, when she thinks no one is looking.
  • That first sip of a perfect cup of coffee in the morning.
  • Waking up to find out it snowed overnight.
  • Flipping the channels and finding some show or movie on that I haven't seen in forever.
  • Watching someone make that 'yummy' face when they eat something I made.
  • Watching the looks on the kids faces as they open their Christmas gifts from Santa Claus.
  • Shamelessly......all things Christmas.

I have a ton more, but I don't want to hog the thread, lol.
- Falling asleep on the couch, and waking up to find out the Dallas cowboys came back and won in the 4th qtr
- Seeing on the news that someone made a "pizza hut cologne" (someone out there had the same idea as me!)
- a fresh PM
- Showing up at the office befor anybody else, so I can leave early :D
- when a date laughs at one of my lame ass jokes
- when I tell a joke to 10 people, and 9 don't get it but one person is dying of laughter
- random spontaneous moments of hope for tomorrow
*chatting online
*watching movies
*emailing people
*reading and writing
*enjoying nature
*phone calls :D
*taking walks
Sounds a bit cheesy but when I'm out & about, and I see a stranger helping someone else out; it's rare these days.
Family :my:

Chocolate :p

Art :shy:

Forum :)

laughter :D

achievement ;)

Nookie :cool:

Justice :club:
Standing still and listening to the cheerful chirps of black-capped chickadees while I'm going for a walk.

Staring out the living room window on a cold day and admiring the snow-swept landscape. The snow-covered boughs of evergreens are particularly lovely.

Pulling up the blinds on a clear, crisp winter's morn and seeing the frost on the window.

I love a lot of the little things that are common around where I live during the winter months.
Watching a show I'm hooked on or a movie I enjoy in a fleece pajama set while eating pizza or some other junk food <3

Making someone I like laugh.

Being confided in.

That popcorn that comes in three flavors in a large tin!

Cooking something that tastes really, really good.

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