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Aug 3, 2022
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I don't know if a lot of people here play video games but here it goes, name the hardest Boss or Bosses in Games you fought and beat or still have not bin able to beat, and the game there from. (Could be on any gaming platform)

I'll go first: Malenia Blade of Miquella, Radagon of the golden order, Elden Beast, Malekith the black Blade hardest difficulty on Elden Ring there were many times where I spent hours trying to beat these bosses, I died on some more than others it took well over 50 attempts Easly to beat each of the listed above.
Dragon slayer Ornstein and executioner Smough. Also the four kings if you use equipment that doesnt scale both from dark souls.
The hardest bosses for me were in the famous Dark Souls series. Even though I played on medium difficulty, I still died almost every time I met a boss or a more powerful enemy. It was quite distressing, but I managed to finish all the games from the series just to brag about it in front of my friends.
My friends Dared me to play Elden Ring which is the newest edition to the soul's franchise because usually I play online pc games with exceptions here and there but yea, I was lost for about 3 days on what to do in the game. Something about a soul's series is not entirely new gamer friendly it doesn't hold your hand and show you everything it shows you a bit of the basics then flings you out into the jungle and also there are no zones for hard are lower-level bosses you can encounter hard bosses at any point of your experience and vice versa the only difference between Elden ring and Souls games are Elden ring tend to be able to travel around more as to Souls you have a path you set out on. thanks for sharing :)
One of the last bosses in Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. I couldn't figure out how to beat him and then i lost the game. :(

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