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Nov 3, 2022
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Im a guy who really gone from someone happy,smiling, no worries kinda guy, it will sort out, just went for what i wanted, alot of friends etc.. to a place where im so deep down now, where i dont really know how to get my mind "straight" again. Always worried, anxiety, dont trust anyone, lost firends so im kinda alone, i scan everything around me like every movement, talking (words), i scan how people talk to me, how they act with me, and i usually find stuff that i take very personally and think that they either lying to me, dont like me, just trying to use me if they need help etc..
I cant make decision anymore, simple things in daily life can be a total catastrophic to descide and it drains all my energy.

Hi splitter. I'll start by pointing out that decision making is a mental process driven by chemistry. If your chemical balance is unhealthy, more to the point changed, it could be the root of your anxiety/concern.

The imbalance could be allergy, infection (any of thousands), diet changes, hormones like thyroidism (hyper/hypo), or just getting older. Our brains are in constant flux. You might be somewhat fluxed up.

It is probable that those around you have noticed a change. People aren't loyal. They cling to who they appreciate and dump those when they don't. If your change makes them uncomfortable it is expected that you will become avoided.

You know your habits and if any have changed. Consider them. I'd also have some labs performed to look for things that effect brain chemistry.

You were what you were once. It is likely you can get back if you can discover a source of the change.

Meanwhile do everything you can to avoid falling into (or further into) a depression. It is difficult to grow when your mind can't accept any point in it.

Welcome. Poke around and get to know others here. I'm sure you will find someone that can help you regain your self worth.

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