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We used to do this at another message board and it was alot of fun (and a good way to get to know more about your fellow posters!).

Basically you just write down what has been positive and negative (or whicever you feel like) about your day, by using + and -. I'll go first to give an example. :p

+ Saints Row 2 for the Xbox 360 (so... ****... fun!)
+ Rediscovering old music
+ Not feeling like crap anymore

- Anxiety
- Not having anyone to hang out with = teh suck!
It's been okay so for.
I don't like to be rushed around in the morning.
I usually spend some quite time alone in the morning and
do my positive attitude and gradtitude list.

I still have some emotional hang over from a relationship gone wrong.
I been trying to sort out, process and understand why I feel what I feel. It didn't killed me. Trying to accept things as they are.

I went to the store..I helped a woman that had car trouble.
A little bit if flirting..oh well, the benifits of being single.

Got to work...chit chat with my secutary for a little bit.
It's nice to have a pretty face to look at, plus she's nice too.
The Good

+ I made it to work without having to resort to demolition derby.
+ I just finished setting up an aquarium...I still need those one
things...what are they called? Oh yeah..."fish"
+ This soda is quite refreshing.

The Bad

- I made it to work without having to resort to demolition derby. :(
- Cycling a new aquarium requires patience. I lack it.
- This soda contains caffeine and high fructose corn syrup.
******* awful.
Scary ex shows himself, resulting in me having panic attacks from like, 2am to 10am.
I slept finally from 10:30am - 3pm.
+ got out of bed without falling and down the stairs
+ drinking lots and lots of delicious pepsi max

- got no food in the house, i have to wait for my brother to get back from work
- stitches are tickling and it"s hurting too
- cant do exercise for 2 f**king months
- bored as hell
+ my wisdom tooth doesn't hurt today

- I feel numb and depressed and like there's no reason for my existence.. no one needs me, no one would miss me if I wasn't around,. anyone who loves me gets over it like it was a flu bug they've recovered from.. I have less importance to someone who's claimed to love me for years, than a perfect stranger

and I'm stopping now cause none of it matters anyways
+I ate half a grapefruit today, the most under appreciated fruit
+I ate a plum, I love plums their outer skin has a tartness to it that is perfect with the sweet interior:p
+Tales of Vesperia is fun and probably the most beautiful game I have ever played
+I ran a mile (on a treadmill)
+I got an idea for a new short story to write
+Was very relaxing

-I didn't talk to anyone all day
-I feel excessively lazy
-Nowhere closer to being any better of a person
+Jonathan Coulton music
+Mike Doughty Music
+Bought a GPS
+Cooked good dinner

-12 hours of shoveling snow
-no days off since Christmas Eve
-rain makes wet snow
-shoveling wet snow

+ Slept well last night, I really needed that :D
+ Finally got new strings for my guitar
+ I also got some movies whice I had ordered

- I have to go to the post office to pick them up, it's pitch black, freezing and generally miserable outside
- I forgot to get a new instrument cord for my guitar / amp so I can't actually play yet *slaps self*
- Self hatred sucks (simply put)
well today it's alright

-long week today needs to be friday

+ i got to school on time

+we got free bagels in our 2nd hour class since our class raised the most money for for a fundraiser so ya

oh + no bowling practice tonight i get off school at 2 so i'm getting a smoothie then i am taking a nap booya :)
Terminus said:
- Self hatred sucks (simply put)
Well I think you're fantastic ♥

+ No school
+ Good music

- So nauseous I had to leave a store before spending my giftcard
- My eating and sleeping patterns are disasterous
+ Haven't been quite as bored today
+ Watched old Sex and the City episodes
+ The better one of my TWO tv channels is finally working again

- Like Bella, my eating and sleeping patterns are disastrous too
- Didn't get enough daylight today cos I woke up at 2PM
- Wasted money by calling mum on her cell rather than landline
- Didn't see anyone IRL today

Hoping for a better tomorrow.
+ Spent a lot of time outside with my bro. Walking on ice and taking pictures
+ Seen a great movie on TV, "We Are Marshall"
+ Didn't go to school

- Nearly fell through ice (or maybe it should be a plus, cause I didn't fall?)
- No progress made on the plushie I'm sewing
- Didn't see my friends or talked to them much
- Bored
It's been okay.
Some changes happening with my work schedule
I have to start working at he main facilty.
Work is still i'm a little bit bore..but at least it's not hetic.
I'm back on full time and make more money than most people I can't complain much.

I'm not used to the changes in my routine...
Now I can't go ride my bike before the sunset..err i enjoy excersizing on my bike..the simple things in life.
- had college
- 2 assignments had to be in
+ finished 1 assignment in class
+ got an extra week for the other 1
- did the lamest sports ever...rounders
- got picked with the guy i hate for football
+ skipped it and played table tennis with someone called daryl
- got my ass kicked 11-6, 11-0, 11-3 at the start
+/- won 2 matches against him but had a 15 point head start @_@
+ found £5!
- remember the £ is atm crap currency
+ didn't care ...£5 :D!
+ went to grandma's
+ finished gun for 1000/1000 for xbox360
+ went on this awesome sauce forum

overall rating....good day :)
+ Got a couple of CD's in the mail today. New music = pure happiness! :D
+ The wonderful people I have gotten to know on these forums

- My guitar is broken, bah, it's not even worth it to get it fixed. I'll buy a new one next month when I have some cash :p
It has been a long slow day at work.
I barely got home. Lots of people in the city.
It's alright, i see different people everyday now...
a far cry from 4 months ago.

I need to learn spanish. Trying to remember some words
but it's not retaining ATM. It's alright though, it's something
i havn't done before.

I'm going to have dinner before I attend my meetings.

I'm trying to save money for a new car..Hopefully I'll
get a new mustang or a F150 in around 3 months.
I have to pay cash for it becuase my credit is screwie.
It'll be cool too though becuase i won't have to make payments.
The benifits of being single freaken bills.
Hopefully everything works out. That about as far I'm going
make plans ATM.
Today was a good day I guess.
I read my recovery book
I had a nice conversation with my mom.
I attended a meeting..spoke to my sponsor for a while.
I went to the park to ride my bike...hung out on top of a hill,
read my book in the sunlight.
A girl I never knew asked me to have dinner with her.
I went to dinner with her of course and had a good time.
I just got home.
I'm going to write in my journal and just chill , now.

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