I will be here online on Christmas about the same time as usual or so

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Hello! For me Christmas truely is just another day. It doesn't depress me that I have no loved ones, or anybody at all, in my life. It does bother me that most of the neighbors will be home so I will NOT be going outside. However, I understand why it bothers so many people that are alone on the holidays.

So, I just wanted to let everybody know that I will be here to spend time with them. You can interact with me in the threads, send me a PM, or just sit back and hopeful get a chuckle or two from some of the stupid stuff I type. Ha! ha!

IMO, it's good to remember past loved ones by thinking of the goods time you've had with them. I think about the great meals and the Sundays I spent with my dad and his parents. We would usually play cards for a couple hours after lunch. We really did enjoy each other.

Then move onto thinking about other things like watching a comedy, a new movie, or interacting with someone. It's not good to dwell on missing them. You are still alive. They would want you to try to enjoy the life that you have left. Okay, okay, blaaaa, blaaaa, blaaaaa. Ha! ha!

I will be here though. :)
So will I.
Reporting in.
Merry Christmas everyone.

Not much really happened.
My niece decided to open everyone's presents, so I had to rewrap a couple.
Otherwise, just standard Christmas dinner and that was a wrap.

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