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Hello there, beautiful people!  : )

It's my 5th thread I guess or 6th maybe, I don't know, I lost count : D

The thing is that I have a problem and I don't know how to fix it. A technical one.

My Windows 10 died, I don't know why, maybe it lost some files during an update or something, it keeps displaying the Blue Screen of Death. The thing is I'm thinking of installing Linux Mint. It's an old computer and I'm thinking that Linux might revive him. I tried making a bootable USB device with Linux on it but I don't know how to flash the iso file to the USB removable device. I tried several applications but none worked. Do you know any application that could work being installed on Windows 7 through which I could flash the iso file to the USB removable device? I have an old laptop with Win 7 and trying to use that to make the bootable USB device
I did iiiiit!! Woooohooo! : D I installed Linux Ubuntu on that old computer and now it works perfectly!  You're my lucky charm, guys! : D 

I'll tell you how I did it, I downloaded the iso file from Linux website, I turned the USB device into a bootable device using this app:
Now I have the iso file on the USB device and I plug the USB bootable device into the USB port of the computer and switch on the PC and press F12 multiple times till it opens the BIOS. I select the USB bootable  device from the menu and press enter and then boom, Linux is loading, I install it and it's done; it's perfect. : )

I'm so happy! : )

I know no one replied to this thread but I feel as if you all already replied. : D I feel as if I'm not alone. I know it sounds crazy but that's just how I feel. I feel as if I'm part of your community out here and even when no one replies, I am so happy and so grateful I can write here!

Thank you for being out there, guys!
: )

Sorry for being such a volcano of happiness today, things went great today and it's not even weekend. : D Don't worry, I'll return to my normal state tomorrow. : D

I'm just happy because I don't have to buy a new PC, I can  use the old one without problems now and I can save the money for darker days. : )

Oh and I forgot to mention that I chose Ubuntu instead of Mint because I have read some old threads on the forum here in which someone explained that Mint is a bit unstable. 

Ok I'll shut up now, I promise.. : D : D : D
Great job :)

Myself, i haven't messed around with Linux for quite a number of years.
Minus said:
Great job :)

Myself, i haven't messed around with Linux for quite a number of years.
Thanks : D

I've never really used Linux before. It really works perfectly for what I need.
I'm a little late here but this still might be useful. Last time I checked Rufus was Windows only. There is a very good little open source imager app I use to make bootable USBs on Linux. The GUI is very simple and he offers deb packages for Ubuntu that should also work on Mint. This way you don't have to rely on a Windows computer to make restore media.
There is also balenaEtcher but I used Rufus. I left Windows on September 1, 2021, and haven't looked back. I was on Windows 7 before the move.

For the most part I am comfortable with Linux, with some sadness in that I miss certain tools that are a must for what I do and there are no Linux equivalents of them so I have to make do with what I have.

I am using Peppermint 10, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Bionic. I am preparing to upgrade to Peppermint 11 after I get another SSD. The 11 version uses Debian instead of Ubuntu.

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