Is Anyone in Touch with Finished or Butterfly 2?

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Feb 3, 2014
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The Land of Wind and Ghosts
Hi, I'm wondering if anyone is in touch with Finished or Butterfly 2.
They used to be active here for a while, but haven't been in some time.

I have some questions for them, and was wondering if maybe anyone has their contact info outside of here?
Or if anyone who is in touch with them, can give them a message for me?


Finished started another forum a while back which I was a part of for a little while. I forget what it's called now. Maybe someone else knows the name of it.
The forums gone now ... hopefully Finished and Butterfly are too, living in sin, in his truck in the middle of nowhere far away from people. Sounds like his idea of paradise. Peace and love wherever you guys are.
I was on that forum too myself, up until about a month ago when I along with several other members were kicked with no warning.

I was hoping to get in touch with them, to clear that up.

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