Is there a fictional character you relate to?

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I feel like I can relate to, in a way, a combination of two characters from Japanese media; Kuroki Tomoko from a comic book series called "No Matter How I Look At It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular! ("WataMote"):

This video is a pretty good description of her character, although it's just concerning her short one-season animation, and doesn't go as far as the comic.

..and the other is simply called Saitama, from a series called One Punch-Man:

people looks GIF

The "Tomoko-side" of me is relatable because of my near-crippling social anxiety, internalizing what's going on when things don't happen the way I'd hoped they would, not being able to properly introduce myself to people without sounding like I've never spoken to anyone before, and preferring to be alone rather than with other people.

The "Saitama-side" of me is bored with life because all of the emotions that would allow me to enjoy anything seem to have been taken away from me. FYI, Saitama used to be a normal guy, until he decided that he wanted to be a superhero (for fun), and went on a three-year daily exercise regimen to build himself to be one. After three years, he had become immensely strong (Superman-level strong), but he had lost his hair, and he had lost his ability to get any satisfaction from fighting monsters and saving the world. He had gained amazing abilities but at the cost of his hair and an important element to being human.

(In the GIF of Saitama above, he's about to face one of the most powerful creatures in the entire universe, the monster had just monologued about his power and what he was going to do to Saitama, and Saitama's response is "ok.")

Now, I'm not someone who has ever acquired the ability to do anything amazing, but I have become bored with life. I used to enjoy life more and would draw all the time, but now I don't do either. I don't even feel like I'm capable of drawing anything anymore. The very idea of drawing something now is practically inconceivable. And, as time passes, the things I liked to do have become uninteresting.
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Here are a few.

- The Nicolas Cage character from Leaving Las Vegas
- Daniel LaRusso before he was so fortunate to befriend Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid
- Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver
- James Corey (played by Jack Warden) in The Twilight Zone episode The Lonely
- The William H Macy character from Boogie Nights -- but only if he was not married
- The Priest who gets speared during the lightning storm from The Omen
- Lazarus from Star Trek TOS episode The Alternative Factor

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