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LonelySutton said:
TheWalkingDead said:
I don't drink either - I think it's a shame, but I think people who drink are more likely to fall into relationships (not necessarily healthy or lasting ones) because it's a social thing, inhibitions are lost, people's instincts override their reservations etc.

Same problem here but, I actually think I might have an intolerance / allergy to alcohol. Whenever I drink it, even one sip, I get horrible heartburn and my face flushes and I feel very hot. No one really understands. I have a lot of people who I would be so much closer with if I could really take part in drinking. That said, it annoys me that "meetups" are supposed to be non drinking events based on interests and they don't usually work too well. And I happen to be an extroverted introvert and still it is like pulling teeth at them.

All the 'nights out' at work involve drinking and getting pissed.
If I suggested a cycle ride or a nature walk nobody would be interested.
I belong to a few meetup groups mostly photography related but ultimately I backed out didn't think I had the expertise to really be apart of the group.
Tiina63 said:
I have found that the majority of social groups, meet ups included, generally foster an evening of pleasant chat but finding real friends who you meet up with outside the group and become a part of their lives usually doesn't happen, or when it does, it is rare. Although meet ups are preferable (at least to me) than sitting at home alone all the time, they do feel insubstantial. And I always get the impression that the others generally have their relationship/friendship needs met elsewhere and that they aren't really on the lookout for anything more than pleasant chat from the group.

It's the same everywhere, most people have their 'quota' of friends filled and don't need anything from anyone else. Club based groups also tend to be a bit of a revolving door when it comes to who turns up.

That pretty much describes my entire experience at university, gradually getting familiar with people, then not seeing them again after exams finished. It didn't seem like I knew them well enough to ask for contact details.

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