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I honestly don't get why people show up just posting their problems. Like if a stranger came up to you and just unloaded how would you react? Make some friends here and see if anyone has any solutions. I really don't get why people show up going, let's talk about me. I don't think many stick around. Also go make a new account with either your name or something fun that relates to you. Your current one is some moody downer honeysuckle. All that being said, welcome and I hope this place helps.
Jesus ******* Christ.

First of all, nothing said here would fall in line with the typical social graces of in person communicating, so expecting a newcomer who is suffering from depression and anxiety to come here and follow your arbitrary guidelines is absurd.

Like, literally most of the people that come here, come to vent about themselves and their lives. It's kind of the point of this website - lonely people explaining their situations and hoping to connect with like-minded individuals.

Everyone has a story to tell.

Perhaps people need to get things off their chest.

Your response is incredibly judgmental and lacking in empathy.
Where abouts in Great Britain do you reside?
I don't really expect to do this immediately but I would happily smoke and get drunk with you at some point. I imagine theres afew people here who would be up for that.
Thats an option man.
A few tips I've followed - maybe they will help you:

1) Find one of the people you know in the office who is more friendly to you - maybe you can confide in that person about your predicament and see if he or she could initiate including you in conversations.

2) Watch and learn from other people. Who seems to be successful at small talk? Watch what they do and try to learn from it. It may not be your style, but it will give you some ideas that you can adapt for yourself. I learned how to be more friendly to strangers that way by studying another friend who seemed to be very successful at attracting friends.

3) Check out YouTube - maybe there are some channels that give advice and examples. I've learned so much about different topics for FREE on YT.

4) A friend once ran a "restaurant of the month" thing where each month a group would go out to a restaurant to try. She had a list and anyone could join in. It was fun and I met new people and got out more. Maybe you could suggest it as an idea for a group at work?

5) Is there somewhere you could volunteer in the evenings or weekends? Choose something that appeals to you and will allow you to meet other people. For example, volunteering in a charity shop is fun and you can practice interacting with strangers AND meet other volunteers. Watch and learn from them. Maybe the charity sector would be more your style than people at work?

I like the advice others have given above, too.

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