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Ive been joining and using forums since 5 or 6 years ago. I havent done any solid contact or friend.

In depression forums is so hard to find others who also want to chat in private message. I always thought that would be a lot of people dealing with loneliness wanting to meet other people who deal with the same in other parts of the world.

Sometimes I spend 2 whole days reading this kind of forums, replying topics, sending private messages, and then there is no much replies back.

I also never find people I can relate to, sometimes I end up having some chats but with people, but we are just too different.

The thing is that, like today, I think "ok, lets try with this forum again", and the posts look so old, the people seem unactive, Ive made topics about wanting to conect and having very few replies. Its like... ****, meet people online seems just not an option, I knew I shouldnt put so much hope again on this, but it makes me feel like in a void.
When i first got anxiety i started reading anxiety forums and guess what? It made me feel a million times worse😅. Those people though had it worse than me and never went out or just mentioned anxiety drugs all the time, so i never went back and stayed away. Because you start to think you'll be like that and it's horrible. Maybe soon you'll find the right person, i have messaged a few here via private messages. Good luck.
You can try private messages with me, but I dont continue if the person is always just moaning and seeking sympathy and only talking about themselves and their feelings - as if nobody else matters - and nothing else all the time it's boring - they can pay a therapist to listen to that stuff. It has to be a normal balanced conversation.

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