very depressed these days

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im tired of 9-5 working everyday.

In this city ,i have nothing except those stupid work.
i just feel sad. u know ,all those people r working hard, living happily, they r so lifeful,they can fill their lives,they make everything meaningful.

perfect crowd except the only one who is stopped.

all people r moving on , try to make a career, they r even running. but i m just stopped.u know ,its a logjam.i stayed in the dark. im left.what a wonderful world. its just note mine.
i still encourage myself with those small pretty hopes. i told myself dont give up. but, friends, i feel i cant be strong any more. i m so lonely ,upset now. i want to love someone, i need a hug, i want love.

they always told me, shino, u deserve a good man, a cool life.thats bullshit!look at me, what do i have?nothing!

ok, calm down, thats the only thing i can say to myself now. continue to telling myself, tomorrow is another day.dreams will come true.

im a fool.
I know that a reply on an Internet forum is small comfort, shinojuly, but I would just like to say that this world IS as much yours as it is everybody else's. I think you are doing the right thing by keeping up your hopes. It's the best thing that we (you/I/anybody) can do.

shinojuly said:
... tomorrow is another day.dreams will come true.
Yes, they will.

shinojuly said:
im a fool.
I must respectfully disagree.
never give up, never give in -ME

Hope for the day you will feel the joy... Live your life as best as possible... happiness , joy and passion cannot exist without sadness grief and loneliness.. everyone is fighting something in this, i guess we both share this.. depression.. keep fighting. keep living... life is a massive ******* mystery.. no one can solve your own problems but yourself... people are here to suggest, advice, and help... but its ur life make something out of it... if you want something.. go get it... never get discouraged... its never too late.. it doesent matter if ur 40 or 15 or 60... the number is an illusion... do what you want to do... if you know what you want? why arent you doing it... take chances....!!! nothing in this life comes easy.. everything has risks.. its just the matter of you DOING IT!!!

JUST DO IT! -nike

Keep fighting brotha...

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