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Aug 10, 2022
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south australia

was wondering how to get friends similar age to you that you could go on trips or travel and see while you work in the job you have until you are able to get out and do something with better hours.

used to drive from kadina/moonta to murray bridge alone (2015) and see cousins and car that had at time came to that time (2016) where it started to have a lot of things wrong plus a relative had cancer and plus the cousins started having more kids of their own and a few years after (2018) bought another better car for a daily and at same it got harder to drive yourself up and see them other than if some event was on.

the only thing stopping you driving yourself up was had felt car wasnt up to trips to murray bridge and around same time the cousins had kids of their own and feel that am no better off seeing them other than events than we are seeing cousins that live in nsw that come over to sa or that the grandmother is seeing grand kids in mount gambier and murray bridge is only half the distance.

just miss the travelling to murray bridge alone and the sister has a boyfriend that she goes to adelaide or plans to every other weekend alone to see him and as much as am happy for her am still waiting and just want friends to go see and a girl to hang around with.

wanting more friends to be able to go to more events of theirs and just do things with.

am just finding it a little hard even though am managing through day fine.

just want a girl to hang around with on and off and some friends similar age.

some times you feel like things are that desperate you wonder how your grandparents trailer that is barely roadworthy (really is only good enough to take rubbish to the local dump) would go travelling to adelaide and back wether it would make it there or back or if youd have to hire a car trailer down there to bring the trailer back, thats if own trailer isnt going by then.

going to a uncles 60th soon and while its a great way to meet people or get idea of doing it you at same time will see people with someone.

am probably not going to make quite 20 years at current hospitality job as much as am enjoying it at moment however am hoping to make atleast 15 years, want to be able to do things while am still able to and the hospitality job has the wrong hours and if it wasnt for the owners then would have been one of people that changed after lockdown.

with working for yourself part time will there be additional reporting and problems or is it just the usual being able to earn so much and do so many hours before pensions get reduced as that is what am planning once am out of hospitality, and was taught to never leave until at least having another option as it may take time unless the business sells.

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