What life lessons did you learn the hard way?

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Yes, most people are really selfish. I am a selfish person. My oldest sister is like this. She will go out of her way to help and accommodate people. It drives me crazy because I know that it is like you said one-sided. Its good that you stopped doing for the undeserving.
I understand the frustration of helping someone undeserving, but I feel like if I give up one others then who will help them in their time of need. I do set firm boundaries: no money lending, no entertainment into my home for overnight or longer stays, no interrupting my ability to be their for my wife and children, and it cannot aggravate my mental health issues. As long as helping some one does not cross these lines I am willing to help them. I believe in Jesus Christ and I personally believe that he died to allow us to eventually get to heaven if we are willing to be righteous our selves and part of that is helping those who need help if it does not bring us to sin and it can help them from committing a sin. For example: if I know a single mother lost her job and I know someone who has a position open I would pull strings for her to get the job. I do this so she does not become vulnerable and eventually does morally Comprimising things to to put food on the table. If it does not work out for her at the new job then at worst my friend has to pay to advertise for the job, but at least I tried to provide security for her and her children. That is very simple and easily problematic example, but it is always best to help those who need help if it does not cause harm to yourself or those you care about.
It's best NOT to reach under a table.

When overwhelmed, take one step at a time

“In all things . . . immobility is undesirable. Immobility means a dead hand; mobility means a living hand”
Trying to avoid sounding arrogant when you have an amazing personality can cause you to look extremely insecure despite not being it. A self-perpetuated negative tunnel. A inferiority complex. Now turned Diamond in the rough, quite literally. Every depth has an opposite affect. Just turn your coin and see it or if you're lucky enough find a doppelganger to work on yourself with! :cool::coffee::unsure:;)


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Do not concentrate on the negative and dont magnify it all over social media like someone with no emotional intelligence. Wasted some really good years with this and boy has it been hard to play catchup and turn things around.
My life lesson is I have to find my acceptance from God and myself. I learned that I trusted people too much and people (in particular this one person) thought it was his reason for being to tear me down, destroy me in any way he could. So rather to continue to barrage myself or beat myself for not being perfect I have learned to keep going even though no one supports me.
My life lesson is that I can't make people like me and cannot control what they do or say. What say you?

To not put others before myself.
Because the others will never reciprocate. They will just keep using you and expecting more.
Put yourself first at all times. Because if you don't, no one else will.
J.K. Galbraith wrote The Affluent Society in 1958, and with some slight adjustments for modernity, it's still economically relevant today.
A + B = C, but also this is America and so: B - C + (A² x Zed³) = ???? And so the general consensus of the American people = " ???? " 🤷‍♂️.
Galbraith hated working under the Nixon Administration. He had a long-standing beef with Nixon, as Nixon was one of his disruptive students before he was a politician.

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