What Movie Would You Show a Person Who's Never Seen a Movie?

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Feb 3, 2014
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The Land of Wind and Ghosts
So I was watching "Star Trek: Enterprise" last week, and the episode I was watching had a situation where one of the crew is trying to teach an alien different aspects of culture, like reading, music, and things like that. Eventually he decides to show the alien a movie, when hearing that they've never seen a movie before. He has a hard time deciding what movie to show someone, who has never seen a movie before. Ultimately, he decides on "The Day The Earth Stood Still".

It got me thinking, that's a really good question - what movie would I show a person who's never seen a movie before?

What one movie, most captures the essence of the experience of watching a movie?

The knee-jerk reaction would be for me to show such a person "Star Wars" as their first movie, but I don't know - that type of movie might not resonate with everyone. I really don't know what movie I would start with.

How about you?
What movie, would you show a person who's never seen a movie before?

Or, alternatively, what was your first movie?

(serious answers please!)
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My first memorable movie watch was The Crow. I'd personally have no issue sharing that as a first movie to someone else.
Bruce Lee's Fists of Fury . This film and the experience blew me away. I was 8 years old and it was the first film I ever saw. I saw it in downtown Philly on a theater in center city that showed triple features( because apparently, one movie just wasn't enough for folks back in the day)The oldest kids from the neighborhood took me along. Different era, when kids would go everywhere, but that movie blew me away and the fights that broke out on Market Street afterwards were epic, we kids thought we were Kung Fu masters, and despite being clearly dweebs, in our minds we were martial arts prodigies
Probably Gone with the Wind. If there's more, I'd go through the list of the one considered protected for cultural and aesthetics value, like Star Wars or Raiders of the Lost Ark
Assuming violence/ subject matter doesn't bother them: The Green Mile & the Shawshank redemption. Both are excellent Stephen king adaptations. (Not all his works translate well to the screen.)
Its a good question... that I don't have much of an answer too.. :)

I think it would depend on my mood at that current time.. Serious, Funny, Heart-warming/light-hearted..etc


My first movie was..... "The Adventures of Milo & Otis" - It's what made me love cats.

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