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like a year ago just after the pandemic

when was the last time you genuinly enjoyed your morning
I never have! When I first got my license ages ago, I asked my dad to show me but he said I wouldn't have the physical strength to do it. I've never changed a bike tire either!

When was the last time you hung something on the wall?
Every day. (I hide things from myself :unsure:) Last thing was an eye cup.

When was the last time you whistled?

Everyday for me too --losing things🙄

Last time I whistled was yesterday. I whistle a lot around the house-- just an unconscious thing. I used to sing, but my throat bothers me now. Btw, I'm neither a great singer nor whistler. Good thing I live alone: )

When was the last time you ate some chocolate?
^^ you be very cool. ty good to know i'm not alone in all that!

I drank some hot Ovaltine (chocolate malt) before sleep last night!

When was the last time you saw a bluebell?

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