Which Beatle are you?

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Sep 8, 2022
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I got him. :) My favorite one of all. :)

You Got:

George Harrison
Like George, you tend to reflect on your memories and near future. You´re always asking questions about life itself, and some would even describe you as a spiritual person. You also have a sensitive soul that doesn´t like to be around too many people. But once someone gets to know you, they´ll find out how thoughtful you are!
I got George Harrison. Although he's not my favourite Beatle from a musical perspective (that would be McCartney), I guess from a philosophical perspective I can see some parallels between myself and him.
You Got:

John Lennon You have strong views about the world around you, and like John Lennon, you're not afraid to speak your mind about such issues. You don't care about your image or if anyone likes you either because you know that your voice is all need. Naturally, you're also a multi-talented person who was born to be a legend!

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