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Aug 10, 2022
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south australia
hi everyone

was wondering what are the clues and what have you people experienced to know it may be time to change jobs and what you could to try and hang on a little bit longer or until you have another plan or are ready to follow the plan.

have worked in hospitality for 13 years as most of you know and are starting to think about a change as its too hard now and its time to get out, not only that the place is for sale and theres a few intrested in buying it and planning to be out when it sells.

am wanting to do electrical test and tag and tv antenna installs and maybe other odd jobs and do the required training bit by bit.
at the local mens shed someone came and put a tv antenna up for the new lounge room that has recently been built and also someone else is doing flooring for same room as antenna was for and was likely originally going to get the job for both.

because of that its made me think about how much am wanting to follow the goal and/or get out of hospitality and do something interesting to get money.

at the moment am not in a position to follow the work goals as much as am wanting to get out the current job even doing it on side to start off with and dont own a house and it could be years given price of everything today and do at same time feel positive however nothing will happen overnight.

not only that the family that am likely to be able to think of cant really afford to do anything at moment.

what could you do to have the chances until you are able to get out of your job and be able to do that as with test and tag instead.

if the new owner wants to keep you on what is a professional way to explain that you will be happy to stay for a little while long enough to get you on track but unfortunately due to business/work goals that you wish to follow you dont plan to stay forever but you may stay to supplement it until you get too busy to stay, do you give heads up.

or do you just take offer if they would like to keep you if you havent found anything else and just give notice when you are actually ready to leave.

current job is ok at moment just find the food side hard now and also have work goals and wish to follow them at some point while am still able to and am just loyal to owners plus need the money.

as the place is for sale am getting a move on as much as possible as it could be like a auntys house and sell quick

People's situations dictate entirely how much freedom someone has in terms of jobs. I think at the moment a lot of people are staying put because of poor economies regardless of how their job makes them feel; it's a benefit to be on a living wage and have a permanent job at the moment. I'm pretty lucky because the company I work for is a large Italian company that's pretty cash rich, and it's not exactly a small place so there's room to move around, on top of that my wage is not bad which is especially helpful in the current climate, so it's not like I've got motivation to look for anything else at the moment.

Having said that I did think about applying for a HGV licence and move into driving trucks; at the moment there's a major shortage in that sector and the money is fantastic if you get in with a decent company. But it costs quite a lot initially and would take at least a year.. I'm keeping my eye on that because the government are thinking about changing the criteria for HGV driving because there's such a shortage.

Jobs are hit and miss at the moment, some sectors are crying out for workers while others are feeling the squeeze of the living crisis. And for those in high stress and low pay jobs like NHS workers it's sad because they feel like they're hit the worst, but I think the fear is there that the job market is fragile so just deal with it hoping things would get better.

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