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Aug 10, 2022
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south australia
hi everyone

was wondering if there is a way to get some training to use welding equipment at the local mens shed to cover the shed if something happens before you are financially ready to pay for welding course or use of power tools.

most of you know the place of work is for sale and may sell at anytime and because of that am trying to do as much at a time as possible towards it.

at moment have the whs course, test and tag refresh (whole thing again with whs if it ends up being as cheap or cheaper) and the work at heights and white card course plus the running business side course to get building contractor license plus relevant courses and cant afford to do the welding one too at moment which would cover welder and cut off saw.

do plan to do all above courses just cant afford it all at once and trying to do as much as possible at a time incase shop sells quick but cant afford to do courses or training for the local mens shed welding equipment at moment just to be able to use it.

what would be a stop gap solution to all above until the money is there to be able to pay for all training as all that training is going to cost money.

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