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Aug 10, 2022
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south australia
hi everyone

was wondering what are the clues that it may be time to move to own place or have own proper shed (not just a tiny little one) and what could you do as a stop gap solution until you can afford to buy your own and not have to pay as much to rent as to buy and not be able to do what you want to place and possibly have to shift at any time.

am wanting to have a proper shed (not just a tiny little one) with all the tools setup (proper benches/welding eqipment/paint room/storage areas just to name a few) but am realising that the place that am living at isnt big enough and the person that owns it who also lives there will probably stay there whole life and its only fair to pay your own way.

just feel that the shed at the residence while is ok isnt big enough and just trying to do best with what have got until the real thing happens and what am already doing is as close as am going to get for a number of years because of cost of everything today.

with the money that am on there probably wont be much left to have a life by time you take out for bills and stuff so its either run a property and have nothing left to have a life or be able to have a life but not have your own work area.

same goes for having own space and privacy, to get that what would be a stop gap solution that doesnt cost heaps that wont possibly close at anytime just to get you through until the real thing happens.

youre just at the stage in your life where you are needing something of your own and your just doing best you can with what you got until things can change.

what would be a stop gap solution for everything that doesnt cost heaps until things can change.

was brought up to try and make do with what you have until things change.

when the grandparents go or go into aged care which at their age could be at anytime am going to be worse off especially with the shed than already am.

with the job which other posts will have it in more detail will it be a problem to take a couple detours if shop sells before having done all training.


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