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Lately, read a book because tv is very disappointing.

Would you rather experience something unforgettable once or experience something satisfactory unlimited times?
Sprayed by a skunk...thats a smell I actually like.

Would you rather go to a drag show or go to a poetry reading?
Neither, I wash rinse condition towel dry and done. Im very simple and don't bother with appearances.

Would you rather pick up trash on side of road or help at a homeless shelter?
flowers ... better chances with the chicks (?)

Would you rather have sex with someone who's into flowers or a good wood
are we talking hard woods or soft woods because

Would you rather receive flowers or a simple phone call from the person who was thinking of you?
aww both are so sweet ... let's save the flowers for the ladies to receive ... for males it's more at the funerals

same question
Shitty neighbors

Would you rather be stuck in one large room with everything you will ever need or stranded somewhere with nothing?
stuck in a room with everything i need

would you rather watch paint dry or watch horrible tv?
Watching paint dry sounds great. Most likely everything is out of the room and everything is clean because well it should be. The walls are bare and the windows are open and its like a fresh start...anything is possible. Its not about the time it takes with no activity its where the mind can go in a clear space.

Would you rather nap in the grass or sit in a stream?
mosquitoes I think it's less dangerous

would you rather lick honey or nutella in sexual activity
I don't have a food kink so I'm going with neither but I do love honey.

Would you rather step in dog poop or sit in gum?
I don't really like battered and fried meat, chicken, or fish but I would come closer to eating fried chicken if someone I knew cooked it.

Would you rather be hit on by an incredibly sexy person of the same sex or by an incredibly disgusting person of the opposite sex?
since I won't go for either of them .... the gay guy is actually flattering

WYR change your type of sexuality (like becoming LGBT / straight) or never have sex for the rest of your life

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