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New Life Starting TODAY
i have just found this forum, i just want to tell someone and maybe get some opinion or any input. warning, im just about to type as my mind express's, iv NEVER talked to or told anyone my feelings or thoughts.

Im 24,
i was born and raised in a very poor, unforgiving environment and family, all my life i been treated like a useless thing rather than human.
been around people with limited thinking and vision.

I want to be successful in life, contribute something to humanity before i die. i have a innovative mind and write all my ideas down, i have no sources for getting higher training and education,
i have taught myself programming and basic computer science, thanx to the internet i can view and work with stanford and harvard lectures online FREE ( and FYI).

i dont have any friends, as im always focused on my dreams, and i never find people with the similar passion, and yea i should enjoy and live in the moment but i want to take care of the future too.

i feel lost, i try learning and training everyday, thinking about being one of billion and rather than one in a billion makes me feel like a no body, i dont mean financial success even though being realistic it is aim, but not primary.

iv been trying to do something for 6 years now but there is always something thats brings me back to square one, financial, loss or job, domestic issue, goes on.

today i decided to make a commitment to just go hard, i started a GYM plan, i work on my dreams weather i feel like it or not, i just want this motivational drive to last because it really makes me happy,
i dont have "the good" life, as i now support my whole family, but i dont want to get that in the way of my ONE LIFE, ONE DREAM and i dont want to leave family either as i support them in many ways.
iv had a GF leave me for a "better" and "cooler" guy, im sort of a geek/nerdy guy. we were serious too, i dont know anymore about that side of life.
i want to be a somebody, success.

im all over the place as you probably noticed, im sure there are others like me out there, share your experience, maybe some tips lol

thanks for you time to read all this, really appreciate it.

You didn't mention where you were from and I only know about America, but have you tried for financial aid or grants to get to college?
Preparing for the future is always good, but don't live there. Let there be something from now in your life. A friend, perhaps a pet. Something. Life can get mundane when living in the future or even the past.

Good luck with your dream and welcome to the site Smile
I think it is awesome you want to make something of yourself. It's not easy out there right now, the only thing you can do for yourself is to NEVER give up on your dreams. Keep working at them, no matter how many times you get knocked down, you have your dream, strive for it. Like Callie suggested, check in to see what is available to you.

Welcome to the site. Smile
Sickos never scare me. Least they're committed.  
Never Give Up!  Never Surrender!

[Image: p5XQ_g.gif]
Thank you for sharing...
You are an inperiation to me...
I am Too imbarking on a new journey
of my life...

Its very positive energy.

Please dont ever lose site or this
feeling, desrie N determinations..

Ingore those that will discorage you.

Come back to ur Thread and read it remind time passes by or when you enconuter road blocks or barrirers.

I hope you suceed in all the you do.
May u achive all your hopes . Dream. Goals and everything you want out of life..
I too face the very same chalenges or barriers as you do..Jobs, documents..bit by no means that Im not brillent or not very intelligent.

Im actually quiting my this very very slugguish economy.
Im leaving my family and all the things that keeps me comfortiable, familar N secure...Im steping into the unknown..Fears awakes me....
But I WANT WHAT I WANT and Im determind to MAKE IT HAPPEN inspite of it all..inspite of fucken gravity.
I applaud the fact that you seem to really be putting forth the effort to better yourself.

My only thought for you is that you should do something that you enjoy (for a living) because money only goes so far towards happiness.

I think it's true that we should enjoy the journey
rather than obsess over the destination.

If a path has heart, it doesn't make you work to like it---Carlos Castaneda
can you read this part?
When you live in the bliss no obstacle is insurmountable,
If you miss the bliss no compensation is adequate---Joseph Campbell

You got to have a reason to jump out of bed in the morning--- Warren Buffett

Remembering that you are going to die, is the best way to avoid the trap of thinking that you have something to lose---Steve Jobs

sounds like you'd enjoy a whole lot. Smile
I wish you great luck in your endeavors! Smile

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