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Female "friends." Just venting a little
Thanks for the responses. I hate sounding whiney, but this is just frustrating and painful. I think the most painful part is the fact that I was invited a week ago, and at that point I told my friend that I didn't know if I really wanted to go. She begged. "Please go, we all want you there. We're your friends and we're going to have a blast!" The next day, I told her alright...

Then this.

I know they had their phones on, because they're both on my Facebook and were commenting on posts and making updates from their mobile device around the time I was sending texts.

I honestly don't know what's wrong with me that females don't want to be around me. I'm not a "girly girl" so maybe that's it. I mean, I'm not masculine - I still wear dresses, cute tops, and make-up, but I am not, errr... like Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, if you know what I'm talking about. lol.
It sounds like they could be playing stupid games and laughing at you.
If nobody's forthcoming with an adequate explanation then ditch them and don't look back.
I'm sorry it happened to you. Once you get your money back, don't talk to any of them again !
Its not you Rox. My sister is a complete tomboy and she has so many friends, both girls and boys that we can hardly fit them all into the house during parties.

There could be many explanations for their behaviour...maybe they envy you. Or you know how some girls like to form cliques, and if you're more independent, they feel threatened. Or maybe they are just plain cruel and get a sadistic satisfaction from hurting you. To be honest, they sound immature, not people to have around in one's life.

Maybe you should try to find male friends, guys make the best friends. Not so great when you want a shopping buddy, but they are, in my experience drama free friends Big Grin
(01-08-2013, 08:44 AM)Veruca Wrote: Maybe you should try to find male friends, guys make the best friends. Not so great when you want a shopping buddy, but they are, in my experience drama free friends Big Grin

Funny you say that, because all of my good friends are actually male - and strangely enough, my male friends (yes, they're straight) like to shop more than I do. My two good female friends both live out of state, but they're also more of a "mans girl" and don't like to do all the "girly" stuff either. lol.

Actually, the night of that concert, I went and hung out with a couple of guy friends and had a much better time with them than I think I would have hanging out with the girls. But still, it was quite hurtful the way things happened.

But yeah, I really don't plan to talk to any of them again. This was just... too disrespectful, and I could never respect or appreciate people who treat others like that again, especially after seeing one of the pictures they took was a picture of all of them together, and then my concert ticket was on the ground next to their feet. The tag was, "Here's our spare ticket.." Rude.
That's messed up.
Hey Rox2, I just wanted to say I read your situation and I can't make sense of it either. Good for you for having a good time somewhere else! I'd stay away from them too.
"When things are difficult, then let yourself be happy." - Tibetan Saying
She and one of her friends sent texts earlier. They called me psychotic and to check my mental state, they told me not to bring up the money situation again because I would not be getting it back, and the one who was my friend basically called me a horrible employee. I don't get how I am a horrible employee. I've always gone in on my days off, I stay overtime, and customers always give me good reviews. I am terrified for the sake of my job now, as my [ex] friend is a manager there, and is friends with the higher up manager.
Hi Rox2, I think they are just threatened by you being a good employee. They probably feel like you might alert the other managers on what a poor job they've been doing. If you can, I suggest trying to apply for higher positions in-house so that ex-friend won't have that hold on you anymore. If you're really worried, you can always start job searching for something better somewhere else too. *hugs*
"When things are difficult, then let yourself be happy." - Tibetan Saying
I could be beating a dead horse here but did your friend get your texts on the day of the concert?

About 2 months ago, a close friend emailed me to ask if I wanted to join her family on an future outing & I emailed ok. The day before, I texted a few times, to confirm the time. No response, nada. I thought maybe an emergency came up but then I saw some pictures of her at this outing on Facebook. Then she later sent me an email about what a great time she & her family had. I was upset - we' ve been friends for over a decade and she' s like a second mom to my daughter.

I sent a curt email saying somewhat sarcastically that her phone must be broken because I had been texting her.

Turns out, her iPhone was broken. She had sent me a few texts too that I didn' t get & I' m sure she thought I was ignoring her too.

So before this snowballs into something ugly, pull your friend aside. Ask if she got your texts. Maybe she didn' t and she thought you flaked. Just because they were able to get on the internet and Facebook doesn' t automatically mean she got your texts.
If she did get your texts and just ignored you - well, I' m sorry. That might mean the end of the friendship Sad


*Edited for clarity
En la boca cerrada no entran moscas.

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