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Need people to talk to

I'm looking for people to talk to. I'm a very unhappy and lonely person. I know it doesn't sound appealing or help my cause in advertising myself lol but I want to be upfront and honest.

I would like to talk about anything...on your mind or my mind. We can vent, laugh, cry, whatever.

I just...need to not be alone anymore.

If you would like to talk, please PM me and we can exchange kik messenger usernames or whatsapp. Whatever that works for you.

Oh also, I'm 28, M, and from Canada. If that matters.

I've tried the chatroom but it's a hit or miss...sometimes lots of ppl and sometimes no one talking. I need someone I can talk to one-on-one.

Thank you for looking. =)
Youre otaku?
Hi there,

No not really. I used to enjoy anime a lot but not so much anymore
what hobbies do you have?
Hobbies are always a good thing to talk about.

My hobbies include... movies, tv, games, dancing, music, stand up comedy, geeky tech stuff

Movies: I really enjoy comedy, thriller, mystery, horror
TV: same as movies, except add in some cartoons (family guy, south park, american dad, etc)
Dancing: latin american dances like bachata, and african dance kizomba
Music: hip hop, rap, pop, rock, bachata, kizomba
Stand up comedy: soo many comedians lol

Hope this helps share a bit of what I'm into. =)
What part of Canada?

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