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We should be making this world a better place
That is what Jordan Peterson says. Am I doing this?
The answer is...………….. accident...………...mostly not. because Im too focussed on my own little problems. its all about me. When it should be "all about us". I should treat your problems as important as mine.
That's the theory anyway. Can I put it into practice?
There are a lot of things that we should be doing with our time here. Sadly, these days a lot of people are bitter. They look at all of the violence and disease and starvation and immediately blame God for allowing such horrors. The truth is that He gave us all free will. We are blessed with freedom of choice. The problem is that when we fuck up we don't want to take responsibility for our choices. If you create a biological weapon and accidentally kill a bunch of innocent people, you can't then turn around and blame God for allowing it. You made the decision to create this weapon knowing full well what it was capable of. If you accidentally kill innocent people, it's on you. If He didn't give us free will the entire world would be like one giant prison, being told when to eat, sleep, shower, and exercise. What kind of life is that? We need to stop blaming God for the bad things that result from our decisions. We can't have it both ways. Just my take on it.

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