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Give back
I know of a few people that give back later in life by volunteering .These paticular people have done well out of life as a rule.Do you think you 'll ever feel the need to give back?
Do you think if you started to give back it would make your life any better?
Just interested because sometimes when things are going well i feel like volunteering, giving back but most times when life is totally pants i dont even think about it.But i know some no matter how there life is going just keep on giving and volunteering...
I get kinda bothered of this notion of feeling 'obligated' to give back. Almost like you're doing it involuntarily or for gain, ease of guilt, and the like.... It comes across very insincere to me.

I would hope anyone who volunteers does so simply because they feel a genuine want to, not out of obligation.

And I also don't view it as an instant feel-good notion. Of course, it's nice to help someone, but I've seen plenty of people in my life who give back and volunteer simply because it's in their nature and yet still feel fairly miserable and empty in their lives.
I feel I admire those people most of all, because they continue to do so despite barely reaping in any 'rewards', either for their sake or someone else's.

As for me, where I live I can't think of many actual volunteering options, or I simply can't find or don't know where to look, otherwise I would from time to time.
I regularly help out and volunteer my time to people I know personally (not official volunteering), so if that counts. Just helping those in need where I see them, if I can. Even if their just neighbors or even just people of the neighborhood, etc.
[Image: giphy.gif]
There are several ways to give back by volunteering, and they all usually bring satisfaction to the giver.  However, all efforts are not created equal.   While some people put their passions into political, environmental, or recreational efforts, others focus on the specific human need, which seems to be infinate.  I'd suggest that truely helping others, particularly in those ways that improve and save lives, is the evidence of unselfishness and love towards others.

Throughout my (very good) life, I focused on my own selfish wants and needs.  As I've grown older now and retired with more time, the desire to give back and volunteer has grown.  A majority of retirees follow the same path, particularly those who feel like they've had a blessed life.  They want to give back and also feel some need to replace their working career with another useful purpose.  Kudos to those that do.

We're here for a purpose - to love God and to love others. When we do that, yes, it feels good.  And while there's an unlimited number of organizations and needs providing volunteer opportunities for us, I'd say that focusing on others instead of ourselves is the goal.  Doing this on an individual basis is an equal demonstration of love and kindness.  The world definately needs more of both.
Thanks Sir Joseph...what a great post. Smile

Encaptsu ..volunteering for your neighbours and friends good on you mate ,just as important in my book

I brought this up because i've been working a year for a really friendly couple.They are both really great ,very kind and warm people.Lovely house ,top of the range cars in a affluent part north of north london.Everytime i've worked there every exchange you just think wow ..what lovely people.

Then to top it off ...the wife after taking her husband to the hospital because of a recent injury tells me about her husbands volunteer work and i was gobsmacked..cant give detail but it is amazing.Just thought this bloke couldn't be anymore brilliant Smile
I do feel the need to give something back. I feel as though I have led a selfish and self-absorbed life and I wish I could change that somehow. Problem is that anxiety problems and lack of social skills make anything that involves dealing with other people a non-starter. I know that I am a selfish and insular person and I hate myself for being like this, but it feels as though I have never had any other options.
(04-14-2019, 06:28 PM)Cleanairfilter Wrote: I do feel the need to give something back. I feel as though I have led a selfish and self-absorbed life and I wish I could change that somehow. Problem is that anxiety problems and lack of social skills make anything that involves dealing with other people a non-starter. I know that I am a selfish and insular person and I hate myself for being like this, but it feels as though I have never had any other options.

Trust me ..i know how you feel.Social anxiety holds me back..but i think i'm getting better so hope to give back in the future.
I volunteer when I can, and a lot of my job is "giving back" so to speak... but I don't look at it in those terms....

I just like to help when I can, and if it can make a difference for even just one person, then Great!
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."
— Dr. Seuss
I wanted to volunteer.
Sadly, it doesn't pay enough.
Wow! My first thread where most everyone agrees, and my first post to ever receive a compliment, thank you Joturbo.  Now, in response to your social anxiety issue holding you back, I suspect that can be reduced by picking environments that you're more comfortable with. In other words, would you do better working inside or outside?  Alone or in a group?  Driving around or staying put?  Physical labor or not?  With hundreds of thousands of volunteer jobs open worldwide, there's a huge array of choices, and I'm sure that each of us feels more competant, talented, comfortable, or interested in some jobs over others.  I'm sure too that anyone, despite any social nuances, can find a workable niche. The biggest step is having a desire strong enough to actually seek out the opportunities.  A google search of volunteer opportunities will reveal thousands of interesting postings worldwide.  Many of the most adventurous ones are overseas and require money for travel.  But there are listings too for most cities, and local churches are constantly coordinating good projects in helping struggling people.  In my view, the church avenue is a prime choice because you not only serve God by helping others, but you're likely to be welcomed and accepted by the small group members of a good Christian church.  And that, my friend, could lead to the volunteering effort helping you (inwardly and outwardly) as much as others. 

As I grow older and wiser,  I'm finally beginning to learn that the best way to manage or overcome one's own problems, worries, or perceived deficiencies is to focus on others - particularly when there are so many people around us in far worse shape than ourselves.  For me, that means not being self absorbed in my own life and issues, and it means consciously thinking about and looking for opportunities to show love and little acts of kindness to others each day - like holding a door open for someone, helping a handicapped person negotiate an obstacle, giving change to a poor old begger, or paying for the small item of the person in line behind me.  (Paying it forward reaps incredibly rewarding responses from strangers).  So while my own formal volunteering efforts are on hold now while I travel the world full time, I look for little projects and causes each day to show love and give back. It not only feels good for the moment, but it makes me feel better about myself as a person and as a Christian.  It's a win-win to be able to help yourself by helping others.

Now, here's a nice song, albeit a Christian one, to help inspire you to care for others.

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