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Pictures - Other
There is a thread for humorous pictures, a thread for pictures that you have taken yourself, one for avatars, one for icons and animations, one for videos and i don't know what all else. This is for photos and graphics that just don't fit into any of those other categories.
Like this Python catcher in Africa

[Image: 35kj41i.jpg]
[Image: 2vvq2aa.jpg]
[Image: 34zhgkg.jpg]
[Image: 25auc61.jpg]

[Image: 2vlk6zk.jpg]
[Image: 1042h3d.jpg]
[Image: vp8bpf.jpg]
[Image: 2jczlub.jpg]
[Image: k9axko.jpg]
Christ that is a big snake.
Sometimes I feel like a nut. Sometimes I don't.
Antihero Wrote:Christ that is a big snake.

Between the small size of that cave/hole and the large size of that snake, i don't think that job is anything that i will be doing anytime soon.Wink
This is more my preferred size.

[Image: 1z1r9sg.jpg]

A Barbados thread snake curls up on a U.S. quarter. The soil-burrowing reptile is one of a newly discovered snake species that is being called the world's smallest.

At about ten centimeters long (less than four inches), the new snake species was confirmed through genetic tests and studies of its physical features.
i hope AirBug doesnt look at this he is so afraid of snakes

can you link me to the thread for ones you took yourself

i have one. i want to put this:

EDIT: thanks Minus, I moved it
jales Wrote:can you link me to the thread for ones you took yourself

Beautiful/Cool/Cute/Epic/Etc Pictures You've Taken

Matt Wrote:Simple thread. Post cool pictures you've taken yourself. Smile

Click Here For The Thread
MY God, I would not like to do what they are doing with the snake. How did you come to take them picks?

jales, Cool pick Smile Simple but very cool. If I had done that I would had probably spelt something wrong haha. On account of not having a spell check with me.
jales Wrote:EDIT: thanks Minus, I moved it

Darn, I like it Smile

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