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loneliness and ugliness
Still think I’m very handsome.

My Nan also thought I was very handsome.

There you go two people can’t be wrong.
Many of the homeless suffer from untreated mental health problems and have backgrounds rife with sometimes quite extreme abuse. At least here that's mostly how it is. They wouldn't know how to take advantage of help that's available. Not surprised either, humourless.
i worked at a homeless shelter for 4 years. Residents were highly appreciative of food and shelter especially in Winter. im all for empowering people so they can get out of ruts. But it is easy to judge when these people issues such as dysfunctional parents and mental health problems are such a burden.
There you go Ardour, you’ve questioned homourless’s understanding of the plight of the homeless. (a raise)

Homourless has worked in a Homeless shelter for 4 years. (a counter raise)

Unless Ardour you can unequivocally state you’ve given a kidney to a homeless person or something, I think he’s got you.

Carry on you pair, I’ve got my entire Sunday entertainment based around this thread.
(07-14-2019, 06:38 PM)Puddled Duck Wrote: There you go Ardour, you’ve questioned homourless’s understanding of the plight of the homeless. (a raise)

Maybe that wasn't clear, but I was referring to his assessment of Callie's comments and agreeing with him. When it comes to housing and job placement the homeless often lack the life skills for it (this in Auckland BTW) because of their backgrounds, mental health issues and substance abuse problems.The only sense of belonging they have comes from living on the street, understandably they don't want to give that up. This isn't blaming them, just pointing out that bootstrap values don't apply to certain groups.
i like that name

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