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Feeling no belonging anywhere
That is the place where I'm in the present. Whole my life, I never felt I belonged anywhere. I feel like an outsider in my family, second fiddle in my friends and never had a girlfriend. And there are days where no one would speak to me. Did any else experience the same? How did you cope with it? It's unbearable for me. I'm really struggling to get a hold of my life.
I feel like a sitcom character on the wrong sitcom. I don't think there is a real solution. Just withdraw slowly over the years.
Rashi2Learn, your depressing situation has seemingly limited the responses here.  While I can't relate to all of your problems, I empathize enough to offer one counsel.

Like me, you may never have a family to bond with, and the girlfriends may come and go, but that needn't keep you from getting your life on a good track and being the great person God designed you to be.  If you want to feel a sense of self worth, purpose in life, and belonging, I'd suggest you seek out a good Christian church nearby and pay it a visit - if you're not already doing so.  There, you should find small groups of various kinds that will welcome you kindly, give you support and guidance, and show you the life benefits of being part of God's family.

Let me know if you want to consider or discuss your issues or solutions further from a Christian perspective.  I believe it could turn your life around.
Yes and I am still living that very life now and havent done anything about it and dont want to.

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