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I keep wishing I could go back before I met my wife
You should never sacrifice everything you have for someone else.

It kind of sounds like you are just trying to keep her by "buying" her. But, by your story, it also kind of sounds like she's using you because you've never told her no. Though, without more of the story, I couldn't say for sure. She may just suck at showing you how she feels.

There's no reason you can't have a personal life and personal space just because you are in a relationship. Honestly, I believe it's kind of essential for a relationship to work. And yeah, you both will end up resenting each other if you don't change things up. Find time to spend together and find time to spend apart. The boy is 12 and assuming he is an average child, he should be able to make some food for himself, depending of course what it is. Do you have a microwave? Make extra food and freeze it. He can microwave it for himself. Also, get yourself a damn guitar.
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Thanks for the support, everyone Big Grin

About "keeping her by buying her", I wouldn't say that's the case. When she was unemployed and living at her parents', I just couldn't say no whenever she needed some help. As I said, in one of our arguments we almost definitely broke up. But then, the feeling that I was "abandoning" her struck me, and I thought we should give ourselves another chance (she'd already found a job by then).

I kind of regret this one, because that was my chance, since she had found a job. I spoke with my close friend from childhood, and he said that maybe I went too far by helping her move out, and that's true.

From what I can analyse by myself, the problem is that I had no experience with relationships, she's my first, and she was too bitter with her past. And here's a thought that keeps crossing my mind:

She's way more ambitious than me, when it comes to job career. I have a somewhat good job right now (it pays the rent and there's money left), and I plan to get a college degree soon. But I go one step at a time, and she's the opposite. So, I think that whenever she starts earning more than me, I'll leave.

Cold, harsh? Yes. But she managed to get the peace she dreamed of, away from her parents' crowded house... but I lost my peace.
Today we had an argument. She's going to work, I have me day off, and it's Father's Day where I live. She was upset by this, saying that "She's going to work and I'll have fun". What in the world was I supposed to do, not see my dad? I told her this yesterday, before we went to bed, and she said "I don't know, do something else", can you believe that?

Worst of all, she swears that she didn't say that, saying that I heard what I wanted to hear. Then, my father changed some of the plans for the day, which I told her, and she said that I changed it because of her. That flipped me out, I grabbed my phone and threw it on the couch and yelled "Check my phone, my father changed it!".

Just so you guys know, I was never like this in my life, ever. I've never yelled, I was this calm and peaceful person. She turned me into this.
Yes i was the same as you lol i was calm and peaceful then i met women and it all went pear-shaped.So you lost it a bit whoppee-do mate.Sometimes it's good obviously to have arguments or i dunno one half loses it situations gets things out ,lets your partner know when they've crossed the line ,then again they might secretlly like seeing that in you what do i know .Having only ever had three women in my life i dont have great experience but as its qiuet on ALL at the moment ....

Anyway with my latest and longeest relationship i've lost it during our peak argument years about six or seven times a year because my wife doesn't have a temper or i'm perfect who knows Toungue  .Nowadays its about twice a year because i suppose we get on so well now...anyways its not all about me its just my experience.

So why do you think she said those things to start you off?
Do you think she was pi$$ed because she couldn't be with you that day  working on a Sunday must be a bummer?Is she jealous of your good relationship with your family?Maybe she wants you all to herself ..sounds good to me if thats the case.

Having thought about it do you think you love her you got engaged must be some affection there or love to think about marriage with someone?Also as you mentioned star signs i think they can be a bit fiery so i've heard....well i did go out with one but only saw her temper near the end.. but boy was it scarey.

If you do give her the heave -ho whats the plan after another lady that hopefully doesn't argue ,good luck wth that   or hibernate with a new giutar Toungue only joking Wink

Anyways someone hopefully will be along soon to give you a more imformed opinion.

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