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Greetings! Yet another Newbie here, hoping to make a connection.

My friends call me Cam. I'm a Colombian who's struggling very hard with loneliness. I'm an English Teacher/Graphic Designer/Musician who loves Science Fiction, epic literature, Anime, Manga, Video-games and memes. In my culture, people like me aren't taken very seriously... Even if what they say makes absolute sense. So, I've become a very lonely adult, searching for love and a place to fit in despite the fact that my faith in finding them grows weaker as years pass by.

I enjoy writing and reading very much. I used to be very active in a similar platform that was focused on my favorite Manga. But I have to admit that my circle is no longer wide enough for me to find the person I'm looking for.

Well, thanks for giving my intro a peek, hopefully we can become friends and have a laugh at everything and everybody's expense. Probably mine. Mostly.
[Image: giphy.gif]
must be me right?  Cool

Welcome to the forums Smile

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