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i agree with you lonelygirl. know body wants to die.
but wot if you can not get red of the pain. then wot happens.

suicide is just wot happens when the pain gets to much for us to handle.

its normal that we dont wont to suffer. so we do wot it takes to stop that.
suicide is just one option and if nothing else as worked then i think its a natural thing that some one would try that.

problem is, its so final. no coming back after that is there.

errrr is there lol sry 4 dat, lame i know Smile
Im not the religious sort but i do think about it as well but then i think what if hell is like a unrated version of how i feel right now? If that is true than I am truly doomed....Then somedays i get a flash of strength and renewed sense of self , for about five minutes then reality hits me and i sit on my reclyner and depression and self pity kicks in. Even tho i do most of this to myself I have had a lot of help along the way, to get this way. And the ppl who seem to care only care when it is convienant for themselves or if they need you for something, but once it is done it is done until the only good thing that connects you in this world is the very root that you infect.And I have had the opertunities to prosper and yet i find myself backing away i am so afraid of a worse mysery than the one I have come to live with, I hate myself for being ok for truly understanding the point that i am at and yet I know how desperate I have become and still I give reason to why I should be... and the worst part is I convince myself of it...
Hi Bluey,

I agree with your point. Sometimes life's pain seems unbearable but we humans are so much stronger than we know. We take the pain beyond our breaking point and then we keep going. We have much deeper reserves than many of us will ever have to test, thank God.

Suicide is final in one way and not in another. It's our final time on this Earth as far as we know, but we have no idea what's on the other side. I do believe in life after death, that there is more and once we shuffle off this mortal coil we will experience something more. I do fear hell to be honest and hope that it's not there for suicidal folks.

I think that we must hang around here on earth as long as nature intended us.
I think about it, but I know, if I consider it I am a stronger person. Because it means I have nothing to lose.

When you have nothing to lose you can do something meaningful in the world... or die trying.
Silence Wrote:I think about it, but I know, if I consider it I am a stronger person. Because it means I have nothing to lose.

When you have nothing to lose you can do something meaningful in the world... or die trying.

ok, am siting hear at the PC getting drunk on my own wishing i had the guts to hang myself. last night i prayed to god to ask if he would let me go from this world as i no longer wont to be hear. avery day on my own as finely beeten me Sad
this stinks, i kernt even hang myself. wot a loser i am. WHY WONT HE LEASEN, I DONT WONT TO BE HEAR.  this hurts to much.
nobody wants to know me. i wake this morning and know that not even god cerd anoth to take me away from this crap. if there is such a thing as god.
the only conclusion i can come to is that i must have been a right basted in a past life.

fuck this shit
Hi Bluey,

I'm so sorry to hear you are feeling this much pain. Please take heart that nothing lasts forever--whether good or bad. This hard time you are going through doesn't mean that it will last forever, even if it's been 12 years. PLEASE do not do harm to yourself. Why do you feel this way? Please share what is on your mind, what is plaguing you. So many people on this site DO care and DO want to listen. Please lighten your load by sharing the burden with someone here. If you have something too private you can PM me or anyone else here, I'm sure they will listen and care. Courage!

To the stars, through rough places.

well its the next day and am still hearSad  my stumerk is hurting a bit tho i didnt eat much yesterday. there is nothing privet.

its just nobody seems to wont to spend time with me. and at 32 i shod not be spending all my time on my own avery day its just one big nightmare. i dont work so thats even tother.

the friends i had in the past one by one have stopped coming round and know we didnt even talk and i have no idea wot iv done wrong. i have tried so heard but i do feel like am missing something.
also i feel that things ernt ever going to change for the better. this i cernt Handel at all.
i would sooner it be over then things to stay as there are.
this home iv got is like a prison.
i realy dont wont to be hear. am just to much of a loser to end it.

LG  thanks
Very poignant issue and something I've expended a great deal of time mulling over. One of the things I've always been curious about, particularly when I was a child, is what people would say or do upon news of my death - how much would they care? In my case both of my parents and my sister would be utterly devastated. Knowing that could I still inflict that kind of pain and confusion upon them in order to state how bad I felt about myself? Never in a million years.

There are other good reasons why suicide should be resoundingly dismissed as a practical option. However bad things seem and however miserable you feel about your situation, taking your own life will rob you of the chance to find out if there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel ( and in the majority of cases there is usually some hope that things will get better).

Something else that is worth bearing in mind - a lot of suicide attempts end up being botched. I know of one young man who tried to hang himself. Although the paramedics managed to cut down and resuscitate him, he is now confined to a wheelchair and incapable of sentient thought or of eating solids.

You are worth more than that people, don't do it!!
Hi Tony,

I totally agree. With my luck, if I tried to commit suicide, I'd just end up a vegetable. Probably the kind of vegetable who can think and hear everything people are saying, but not communicate! Lol. Please, people, if you really feel that you are suicidal, call a hotline. Heck, call ME! PM me and I will call you...Suicide is not the solution. You're stronger than your problems. You can win. You can conquer the pain of life. I think it's really, truly possible!

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