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is this healthy?
Would you like spending time with a/your boyfriend or girlfriend at their place every day within the exception of working, almost 24/7 with no let-up? Is that healthy?

I ask because there's this couple who isn't married(not that it matters) that spend all day every day together. They only spend time together at his place. she goes to work most mornings and it's right back over his place. if he leaves for work, she has a key and will wait for him at his place to come back home. They aren't living together. Just together most of the time. even run errands together. Is that healthy, or not? Is she insecure or something? Sometimes she doesn't come over in a day, and he has different women coming in and out of his place. He kicked his ex wife and kids out last summer because she caught him cheating..

He and his ex-wife had a child beforehand, got married in 2016, and moved in a few doors down from me in an apartment building shortly after. In the summer of 2017 their second child was born. About 2 months after he was born, he kicked her and the children out and they went to live with her mother, while he stayed in the apartment. They had this public falling out before he kicked them out. The next day, the women start flocking in. A different one every day or other day. About six months ago, this lady that i speak of started being over there every single day 24/7 within the exception of work. .. for days, sometimes weeks at a time. Some times when she's at work, I see him and different women coming out of the apartment. I speak and remain cordial to him always as well as whoever he's with.. as he has always been polite towards me. I just think to myself that there's another woman becoming dedicated to a man, losing herself and life in the process.

is this is an example of a toxic relationship?

is this an example of a toxic relationship?

IF....I repeat, IF what you assume is true, then yes, it could be a toxic relationship.

BUT, you really have no idea what's going on. What exactly are you basing all these conclusions on? Do you hear them having sex? Do they tell you all this?
They could have an arrangement, an open relationship. The women could be going over for other reasons, like he's a pimp or something. He could be a photographer. There could be a million reasons. Simple fact of the matter is, you really don't know what's going on and it's really not your business.
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