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I just found a poem I wrote a couple of months ago, and I thought I could share it with you guys. Sorry it is not as good as what other members create but its something.


I feel these tears that I cry,
Streaming down, from eye to eye
My life has changed since you've been gone
Everything  just seems to go wrong.

I never wanted this to happen
Life just never goes my way
My heart shattered into a million pieces
And all my dreams just faded away

Its been awhile since you've been gone,
But my hearts been broken all along.
I'm not the girl I want to be
And who I am is hard to see.

I miss you so terribly.
How could this have happened to me?
Why must life be so mean?
Is happiness  something  I will never see?

I just wish someone could understand.
Someone to touch my heart,
and to hold my hand.
Someone to show me what love means.
Because love is something I have never seen.

I wipe these tears as the stream down my face
I start to wonder as I cry myself to sleep,
why everyone deserves love and happiness but me.

Well, feel free to comment on it. I'm sorry if there are grammar/ spelling mistakes...
BEAUTIFUL!!!! it was wonderful, really at first i didn't knew what to expect from it, but after the third line i was compleatlly into it, it was very good, you should write some more; did you ever think about putting some music to this poem? i think it would be great! i can't wait to read your new poem!
Yay! Someone liked it! ^^
I just wrote the poem one night when I couldn't sleep. I never thought of adding music or anything like that, but it could work. Thanks for the ideas. Big Grin
[/u][/b]Hi, I am new to this site. I thought I would begin with a poem I wrote about my childhood....


Would a mother leave her child, in the world on
their own?
Would a mother give her child, away to
another home?
Would a mother refuse to love and turn
her back forever
Would a mother see her baby,never ever ever
You may think this is strange,
you may wonder why
But thats what happened to a baby boy who turned into this guy.
Its not abandonment, or so people think
But life without a mother?
Just stop and think!
A loveless life, a loveless home, a loveless love
Thats what made life so hard,
thats what made me tough
A pretence,charade, an act upon a stage
Not really a mother, a woman in
"I love you" the empty words, i heard once in a
So why when you do say that,do you never smile?
Ok so I had material things, a home and new
But for love of a mother I would swap all
Although I pretend, the effect has cut deep
I dont think ill ever love, I think its been layed to
So abandonment it may not be, but loss it sure
I cant ever remember, the warmth of a mothers
The comfort of her arms wrapped around me
The soft whisper in my ear, telling me its
So I wander aimlessly, confused and alone
Will I ever meet, the mother of my own?

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