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The woman

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Jul 10, 2022
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I was always wondering how some bad very mean people deserve and have friends and why good people don't. People like me like many of you who always stood up for people, always keep them happy, always have them priority and on your schedule and so many more will take me years to write them all.. Somebody can answer me please
(For sure is bad people go with bad but i met a lot of good people that still choose bad people for friends and that take us to my first question)
Well, people are different with different people. I know plenty of people who some would say are horrible people....and they can be. But to those they love, they are the most loyal, kind people you could ever meet.

That said, for those who honestly treat everyone like honeysuckle....glutton for punishment? Rather have someone than no one? Don't think they deserve anything better?

BUT....on the other side of things, sometimes trying TOO hard can make you alone. And sometimes you are a doormat and don't even realize it...or maybe sometimes you do. That just brings in people who will use you because you let them. Sometimes you have to stop trying so hard to make everyone else happy and start finding a way to make yourself happy.
be brave and don't be afraid of loneliness until you meet a good match ... I felt like this at your age and now I regret the lack of confidence because I hadn't grasped the truth that all men are equal in dignity even there are hierarchies on any other aspects
Well, I'm convinced that most people don't care if someone is good, bad, friendly, helpful, or whatever. All that matters is that you provide the other person with something they need. It may be pitty, love, anger, violence, sympathy, understanding, money, needs, or anything. If you are able to fulfill their needs they will stick around.

I'm a nice guy. I've always helped people around me. But, I'm not able to provide what they continually need. So, they stopped coming around.

When most people say that want to meet a nice guy/girl. What they mean is they want to find someone that can satisfy their needs FIRST and then also be nice. So, an ahole that satisfies their needs trumps a nice person who doesn't.

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