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Eddie Fresco

Jesus Christ, why didn't any of you let me know I was screwing this up!? I thought we were just naming artists we liked and didn't realize there was an order to this one. 🐴
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If it's cool then it's cool. I just don't want to tarnish these threads you people have been apart of and for some of you I'm sure that's a long time. It'd be like coming into someone's home and making a ruckus to me
Does George Harrison count as a G and an H, or just a G?
Geez I never noticed. 🥏

I just don't want to tarnish these threads...

Well it isn't like you are trying to be disruptive. I have found enough of mine, that rather puzzled me as to what I thought I was doing.

Yes, I think all of them with A-Z in the title are in alphabetical order.

Jimi Hendrix

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