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I'm not allowed to drink alcohol since 20+ years but yeah it was good

do you like any soup
it would be nice but it's too difficult where I live

do you like a certain landscape in your area
Yes. There’s one particular spot that is idyllic for an escape.

Do you like to dress and go along with the trends?
yeah unless they trigger me

did you like the sex between Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone
In Fatal Attraction? I don’t remember it. I haven’t seen that movie since I was a teenager

Do you like sex scenes in movies or straight up porn?
which ones look more authentic and fit into my type of sexuality

do you more like Scarlett O Harra's life or Melanie Wilkes' life
Yes, but I'm not crazy into it, by any stretch. It's good escapism from time to time.

Do you like T.V. dramas?
Yes but I seem to be doing it rarely anymore.

Do you like thunderstorms?

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