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No. I probably won't be leaving the US ever again. Also I still have the old driver's license so I can't board a plane anyway.

Would you take an Ocean Cruise?
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Sorry. I type a lot of the wrong words. They look correct to me at the time. I meant to type cruise.

Well, I thought about going on a ocean cruise. But, I don't like feeling trapped. So no.

Would you ever enter a cooking contest?
Yes I have been on one before,
Yes I would
Would you go on a tv show?
Biology - More specifically genetic manipulation. One can order splices and new combinations of genes over the Internet. I would like to create some new species.

What would you like to invent?
a really smart algorithm for dating match or if I was a biologist something for sexual performance in males
what dishes is your ideal meal made of
I don't think that applies to anything since, if you do something for a long enough time, you are bound to run into repetitive experiences and thus, get bored.

However, I do think that training is something that can be hard to get bored of since there are so many types of training and so many different muscles to work on.

What is something important to you that you can give up and still be fine?
I can give up sex and my body be fine but not my mind
put the following in order from the least important to the most important .... food, sex, love, music, religion

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