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Sep 17, 2021
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Brothers and Sisters!

I’m new on this platform and I’ve struggled for loneliness for many years. Recently, over the last two years, I really began to wrestle with it in order to beat it so it doesn’t beat me. Over the last two years, I’ve gone to church fellowship meetings, I’ve joined school clubs at my college, and now I’ve made the decision to go online to expand my horizons! I’m really just looking for people to talk too about really anything since God knows I’m pretty lonesome. I’m almost 24 and have never had a girlfriend let alone a date so I’m really just looking to talk with other people online. You could be female or male or what have you. It really doesn’t make a difference to me! I like to study history, I like to hike, I really enjoy playing my guitar, and learning about different religions is a big passion of mine too. If interested feel free to DM me and I’d love to talk to you! Just know you are loved, cherished, and you are here for a reason. I hope you may find what you’re looking for on this forum. Thanks!
I'm definitely looking for someone to talk to. Doesn't have to be anything deep and meaningful as often I am just so lonely that a simple 'good morning, how are you doing?' would be enough to make me have a really good day.

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