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Jun 2, 2022
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Dear Women!

You all are wonderful and beautiful!

Everyone deserves happiness, and happiness shouldn’t be a privilege!

𝄞We are a spiritual team of life coaches, yoga and meditation instructors, motivational speakers and writers/artists. And we are here to add a little motivational push to your beautiful day!

Today we talk about relationships. Relationships are hard, and often we can't get out of the same repetitive pattern with the same issues. Because the reality is a reflection of our inner selves.

Your Life is a Reflection Of You. And how we feel about ourselves = how other people treat us.

How to stop feeling I am worthless?

First of all - accept your true emotions and feelings. What you feel right now deserves respect!

Second, you are NEVER worthless. You’ve been created for a reason. Everyone is on this earth for a reason. And it’s your job on earth to discover your own unique colors and potential! And you matter!

No one is worthless. Never.

Now - when we established that. How to get out of this hole? Because people can tell you tons of positive stuff, but the fact is - if you feel bad about yourself, if you feel bad about your relationships, nothing people ever say will permanently change your own views and attitude towards yourself and your life.

Lack of self-love and self-value comes from childhood traumas, and some unresolved past issues. This must be addressed as soon as possible to improve your life. And everyone deserves love, respect and happiness! No one deserves to suffer. Period.

The best tools to build confidence and improve ALL areas in your life - practice daily meditation and affirmation techniques. This will speed up the recovery. But…be patient. All good things take time!


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You are wonderful. Love yourself. Believe in yourself.
Never give up!

Feeling sad for a long time and losing the taste for life is pretty dangerous. But your feelings and emotions are true and honest and, certainly, you can learn a lot from them and use them as a foundation to start changing your mindset and your life.

Our mind is deeply connected to our body. Negative approach to life and a dark mindset will slowly start damaging all fields in life: health, love and money, attracting issues. Weak you = bad life.

So, today is the right time to start adding some bright colors to your mindset and your life, appreciating your existence! You deserve a good life!

I would highly recommend practicing daily: meditation and affirmation techniques, starting from self-love and self-esteem affirmations.

If you feel today that you don't deserve love and you don't deserve to be loved, then -
First of all, this is a sign that your mind is telling you to fix this! And this is GREAT!

Now comes the second step - how to fix this? And what is the root of the problem?

Low self-esteem is the result of some unresolved childhood issues = lack of self-love.

Feeling that you don’t deserve to be loved and you don’t deserve good things in life might lead to the complete loss of the taste for life. So, today is the right day to improve yourself!

Make Yourself Stronger! Believe in Yourself. Love Yourself.

Listen to the following self love affirmations:

Self Love and Self Esteem Affirmations

Patience is the key. It's not a quick fix.

But the results are incredible!

You know yourself, you understand yourself = you understand life = you build a great life!

And finally - HOW TO BECOME A LOVE MAGNET? How to attract LOVE?

~Analyze your life

~Analyze your past

~Analyze your emotions and thoughts

~Accept it all

~Be simple and joyful!

~Don't overthink

~Be patient

~Be calm and relaxed

~Forgive yourself for past mistakes

~Forgive others

~Forgive your past

~Accept yourself as you are

~Believe in yourself!

~Have dreams

~Have goals

~Be ready for LOVE!

~Be open to possibilities and opportunities

~Trust yourself

~Trust your life

~Maintain a good health and a healthy lifestyle

~Expect tons of wonderful things!

~Expect love, wealth and happiness!

~Practice meditation and positive affirmations to speed it all up!

~Love Yourself

Next video is dedicated to Love and Relationships. How to manifest love and how to attract love:


And don't forget - you are amazing!
♡♡♡ See You All soon on our Channel♡♡♡
Much love!

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