From people's experiences, what is the most effective Anti-Depressant?

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Mmmm drugs are bad, mmkay? :p

Depression usually has specific triggers that vary from person to person so it's difficult to present any general remedies but in my particular case, I'm going to trot out a time honoured cliche in saying 'keeping busy'.

What I mean by that is applying myself more rigorously to domestic chores and home improvement and spending less time engaged in trivial pursuits (books, dvd's, net surfing, video games etc). I haven't suddenly turned all puritanical against the latter mind, because life would be horribly tedious without some form of recreational distraction, but none of these offer the sense of fulfilment garnered by ordinary, everyday, practical tasks.

I suppose as much as anything, the feel good factor derived from these achievements owes much to the surpression of certain types of guilt that tend creep up when life has gone awry.
I have very little experience of anti-depressants, i only took them once for a short while to help with a spell of anxiety and i generally don't agree with them.

Anyways, i believe the most effective anti-depressant out there comes in the form of a regular, one-hour counselling session where the counsellor goes empathically well with the client.
Brian said:
It is a well known fact that the best antidepressant is the smell of a village burning, the smoke hanging thick in the frigid air of a winter night, mixed with the agonized cries of those who opposed you. The sight of your warriors driving their livestock back to your own pastures, and the clinking of gold coin in to your coffers. They are vanquished; you may rest at ease.

Also hot chocolate, and furry little kittens, curled up against you while you're sleeping with their head tucked in to their paws, purring gently. Dozens of them.

i'm with you, sans chocolate though :p don't like the stuff.

but kittens.

lots. of kittens.

Excercise, and an active lifestyle is the most effective anti-depressant/anti-anxiety. Moreso than any medication.

Source: My doctor and my therapist.

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