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yes a lot of times, and everytime it happened with people around :p

Have you ever believed something that was stated online, but turned out to be untrue?
Yes, many years ago. It would automatically redirect me to other websites, presumably malicious ones. Navigating the Internet was impossible.

Have you ever volunteered for something?
Yeah I volunteered for the British Heart Foundation 😇 get ya change out !

Have you ever been to a wedding, that went horribly wrong? 😅
No but I've only been to a few weddings

Have you ever lost something looking for it everywhere only for it to surface after you purchased it again?
Haha, yes. One item that comes to mind is an umbrella. You can never have too many though, so I wasn't too miffed about buying another when I found the original one.

Have you ever done some work you thought was really good, only to have it heavily criticised by other people?
Not that I think so.

Have you ever paid for a stranger's meal?
yes in a way because here in the Eastern Christianity it's part of the rite to offer meals on behalf of the dead ones

HYE seen Sharon Stone naked

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