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Ive nodded off sitting at a bar in a kitchen but never just bedded down for an entire sleep cycle

Have you ever wandered away from your shopping cart and not realized until 2 aisles over that you don't need that mega pack of baby dialers?
not exactly diapers but ...

Have you ever become the subject of the security staff surveillance because of OCD habits when shopping
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Not that I know of.

Have you ever gone 6+ months without a haircut?
It felt more like Murphy's law hahaha

I have never owned a dog, nor do I know anyone with a female dog. So no.

Are you allergic to anything?
when I was younger I use to have a Persian kitty I name Socks use to kiss the kitty and it use to sleep with me on my bed.

Have you ever build or paid for a feeder for the birds? or bot them a bird bath? 2 questions you can answer any one of them :)
No, my cats are quite fond of killing birds

Have you ever asked a stranger what the hammer their personalized license plate means?
Yes. When it's been substandard I've returned it and gotten a refund.

Ever been involved in a food fight?

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